Featured Micro Projects

Wax, The Hippo - for Pico-8


Random Wizard Generator


Sass Maze Algorithms


CSS-only Calculator


Qorxon: Cruise Control

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Recent posts

Microservices All the Way Down.

The Microservices pattern is intensely popular right now in software development, but in other fields it always has been. In a way its even been around in software for longer than we think too.

Speaking to Machines

We tend to be quite removed from how code actually works beyond layers of abstraction. Here we take a look at writing collision detection with zeros and ones.

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Personal Projects

Bat Cannon

Swift 2 (UIKit)

Placemat: An HTML table preprocessor

Ruby (and a docs website)

WEAMON: Weather Monsters

Objective-C, NSSql, Magic Record, PHP, MySQL, JSON



Captain's Log

PHP, Twitter API + (html/css/js)

Languages, Tools, & Methods:

Everyday Languages

Sass, haml, Jinja2, JavaScript, Swift 2

Everyday Tools & Methodologies

Gulp, Google Closure, Middleman, Git, Bourbon, Neat, Kanban, Scrum, BEM

Some Experience

Python, Ruby, Angular.js, MySQL

Misc+/Past Experience

PHP, Raphael.js, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Pascal, 6502 Assembly, Wordpress, Actionscript 3, Objective-C

Currently Reading:

Make Your Own Neural Network by Tariq Rashid

Current Roles:

Web Engineer
@ Huge

Part-time Lecturer
@ The New School

Past Roles:

Freelance Consultant
@ Code Climate

Lead Web Developer
@ Addison Design Co.

Private iOS
Development Tutor

Co-founder / Lead Engineer
@ Index Interactive

Game Developer
@ DMA Animation


Lectures & Courses

Interactive Web Design

Studio Couse/ Lecture @ The New School

AAS class on web design, UX/UI, and methodologies/process.

CSS with BEM

Talk @ Huge Inc.

A talk about organizing, scaling, and writing clean semantic, maintaible CSS.

Embrace the Medium

Lecture @ Addison Design Co.

A lecture focused on how to design and sell inconsistency on the web to 100 employees.

Building Twitter Bots

Workshop @ Parsons Code Club

A workshop in which participants built twitter bots using PHP and Cron Jobs.

Coding After Design School

Lecture @ Parsons the New School for Design

A lecture focused on helping to prepare students for what a career in code may look like after attending design school.

Communities & Groups

Current / Active

html *Co-organizaer* , Gotham Sass , Codepen NYC


Dumbo Tech Breakfast

Attended Conferences



JS Summit 2014 (online) , Artifact East 2014